Tax Preparation & Advisory

Every local organization and individual is obliged to declare their revenue (income) by submitting an annual tax return alongside the respective applications and attachments.

RAS provides full services regarding the preparation and submission of the tax returns of companies, small and medium firms, LLCs and LLPs and individuals. We cover the whole service from collecting the required documentation to submitting it before the respective authorities.

According to the mandatory requirement of The Income Tax Act, 1961 each registered legal entity in the country is obliged to prepare and submit its annual tax return and financial report for the activities of the previous year till 30th of September of the following year. We at RAS provide accounting services regarding the aforesaid obligation to a local and multinational companies, company branches, partnerships and companies with no activities, according to the applied accounting standards and tax laws, covering the following:

  • Data collection and processing
  • Annual closure of accounts
  • Preparation and submission of annual tax return
  • Preparation of annual financial report
  • Preparation and submission of annual statistical report
  • Services related to the annual closure are included in the monthly fee of our subscription clients.

We can provide you with a comprehensive tax advisory service, depending on your specific needs. We will handle all tax documents and tax return forms. In addition, our experienced tax consultants will gladly advice you and recommend an optimal solution for every tax problem your business faces. Working with us will optimize your tax costs, ensuring you receive the best value and the most focused service. Our extensive experience in dealing with tax regulations will ensure that your tax records are fully compliant with the prevailing legislation.

In today’s fast going business environment, visiting the offices of the local tax authorities would be a waste of precious time. We at RAS completely understand that and provide a full tax representation and protection services.

With simply power of attorney basis, we provide acting for our clients in the contact with any local offices, saving their time that would be wasted in dealing with local bureaucracy that is often demanding and prolonged.