Bookkeeping Services

We aim to provide our clients with a book-keeping service that is compliant to the active Indian legislation. Furthermore, we try to establish the appropriate accountability and awareness of the client’s management team towards the client’s accounting activities. The more information we acquire, the better solution we will offer for your business. Our accounting services are provided in accordance with the national and international regulations. We aim at providing you with a complete service cycle for your accounting operations.

If you subscribe to our services, you will be relieved to the greatest possible extent of constantly worrying   about   every detail involved in your relationships with the local tax authorities. Your expenses will be reduced, as you will save on salaries and other contributions of your accounting staff. You will also reduce expenditures on maintaining in-house accountant workplaces, on purchasing of up-to-date software and on paying for information about changes in any financial legislation. You will save time and will no longer have to be involved in every single detail related to the company’s accountancy. This will allow you to pay more attention to managing your business.

The main advantages of this service are:

  • No responsibility
  • Professional recruitment
  • No training costs
  • Free of charge replacement
  • Transfer of know-how
  • Providing the technology without additional costs
  • Provide a workplace without additional costs (only for the On-sight option)